A Room With A View Thesis

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He also connects George and Lucy to the land at key points.

If nature and man are inextricable from each other, it follows that there should be no shame for the body or passion. The body must be hidden, a thing of which one should feel ashamed; passions must be controlled and regulated by rules tied to class and gender.

A Room with a View is social commentary, but Forster's depictions of people are ultimately generous.

He gently mocks the Honeychurches for their bourgeois habits, but he does not shy from depicting their strengths.

Cecil is not so much in love with Lucy as he is in love with some idea of what a woman is supposed to be.

A Room With A View Thesis

He constantly compares her to a work of art, which, although it may be flattering, also objectifies her and ignores that she is a living person. Emerson's convictions is that man and nature are inextricable from each other, and only the mistakes of civilization separate man from his natural state.

Beebe remarks that one day Lucy will live as well as she plays.

Lucy's music also articulates her feelings better than her words can, and after playing she is more certain of what she wants.

Lucy is not a rebel at heart, but she is often frustrated by the limitation put on her sex.

Her marriage to Cecil could never be one between equals.


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