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Some blame large fast food corporations, however, this is a mistaken claim because it overlooks the deeper issue of self responsibility.Although fast food is high in calories and fat intake, the consumer is and should be at fault for any health hazards associated with the food chosen to partake in....This class is intended to turn a not so good writer into a decent writer and to enhance the skills of writing all together.

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Prior to taking ENC 1101 I could not participate in an argument because I wasn’t able to support my points with valid evidence.

However now I can continue engaging in a debate and sometimes even win.

The Advanced Placement Program was developed in the mid-twentieth century to offer college level curriculum and assessments to high school students.

This program developed following WWII then the gap widened between secondary and higher education.

If I was at work, as I often was, I’d make a note in the notebook that has become my constant companion....

[tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Revision] - Reflection Relief, worry, and doubt are only three words that run through my head as I write this final exam for my English Composition class.

[tags: Personal Narratives] - Nola Preston 28 January 2016 English and Composition 1102 Who’s To Blame.

A horse can be taken to the water, but can not be forced to drink it. The controversy arises when determining who is at fault for the ongoing matter.

[tags: Writing, Communication, Critical thinking] - My Struggles with English Composition “…As for all the seniors, I want you to challenge yourselves this year and don’t think you’re going to cruise through to graduation.”-Mrs. Although some seniors in high school refuse to take a hard schedule, I decided to take a challenging composition course my last year of high school and learned more than ever before from it. Bacz, focused mostly on vocabulary, grammar, and how to right an essay.

Each one of these subjects combined to give me a year of hard work, which eventually paid off....


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