2000 Word Essay On Responsibility

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The very need for specialist lawyers reflects the growing problem that is essay cheating, with an estimated 17,000 cases each year, according to a 2016 investigation. Type “essay writing service UK” into Google and hundreds of companies offering to write your assignment appear in the results.

The essay writing industry is reportedly worth more than £100 million a year.

Wednesday Once on the company’s website, I am greeted by Olivia on the “pop up” Live Chat. She tells me the essay can be written in as little as three hours. ” Olivia respects Dr A’s confidentiality: “Unfortunately, I’m not able to share such information about our writers.” Professor S is also a real professor, Olivia assures me.

To avoid inflicting a frantic three hours on my ghost writer, I give a more humane deadline of two-and-a-half days: Friday 5pm. In the end, I plump for Dr L, Ph D, who has allegedly completed more than 1,600 essays over a nine-year period. I decline the option of receiving a plan of the essay for an extra £30.

I told them that I was an undergraduate student in need of a first-class essay of 2,000 words.

The topic: “Should doctors always tell the truth to patients? This was no random title; fifteen years ago, I wrote a Ph D on the subject.

A 2016 article in the International Business Times reported that India was a key supplier of writers for essay cheating.

The most recent reference in Dr L’s essay, an article from the , dates from 2008.

I imagine her, a modern-day polymath, hunched over her laptop, writing simultaneous essays on James Joyce, the Crusades, and macroeconomic theory, like a chess prodigy playing against multiple opponents. Her reply is syntactically troubling: “I will give you a quality work.” Just a slip of the keyboard, no doubt. I run it through three separate plagiarism detection tools: no plagiarism. I examine the document’s Word properties for any tell-tale signs of cheating. The essay argues for the absolutist position that doctors should always tell patients the truth but it lacks any critical sophistication.

Perhaps, just perhaps, she’s reading my seminal paper on the meaning of deception in medicine, instantly doubling my total readership. I then conduct the ethics test: “And, just as important, I can’t be caught by the uni – they take this sort of thing super seriously, I’m told.” “No, it will not be plagiarized and no one will tell the university that I wrote it for you.” An American spelling “plagiarise”. The Americans have published good work on my essay topic. The author is described as “user” and the file was last modified by “BERIDGE”. There are sweeping statements such as “lying is simply wrong and morally unjustifiable” and “patients always want detailed information about their conditions”.


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